As people may know, law firms are not known for their lack of documents. A medium-sized law firm may generate over 500.000 documents in a few years. And as Mooreʼs Law is telling us, this number of documents will double every 2 years. 

A medium-sized law firm owns about 900.000 documents, which they store using strict rules, some of which are enforced by Document Management Systems. Once in a while someone loses a document, which then will have to be found. Of course sometimes the owner knows when this has happened, what the name and location of the document was, so a backup can be used to put the document back. However, most of the time, the document can not be found on a backup because either it has not been backed up yet, or the location was not correct. 

Or, the question is something as follows: Can you find me a document of which I do not know the name and location, but there is something like this inside? Then the System Administrator has to run a search within those 900.000 documents. And if the contents are not too general, he will be lucky and within some hours, he will find the correct document. 

INDICA, however, helped these poor lawyers to gain control over their own data again. While they are storing their documents conscientiously in the correct locations, it sometimes happens someone haphazardly moves a file or folder. Or worse, you store it in the wrong location by accident. That is something you Document Management System can never fix. INDICA can find this information immediately. It saves hours a week searching for misplaced documents.