A large consulting firm was facing some challenges. As most firms, this firm too was the result of many mergers, acquisitions and partly self-sustaining divisions. One of the drawbacks of this set up was that all the different groups were maintaining their own documents and information. 

The management of the firm found this was not in the firms and its clients best interest. So a plan was conceived, in which all the different divisions, subsidiaries and companies would end up as One Company. Every employee of the company would be working for the same company, with access to the same information. 


After the reorganization of the company was complete, a big problem remained: what to do with all the information? Every group had its own information stores, documents and ways to access it. 


After some deliberating, INDICA consultants proposed that the entire company should have access to all the information. Of course, with some exceptions in Finance, HR and other data.
The plan was to create data- and information stores parallel to the company structure. And all the groups and employees would be responsible for moving their own data into the new folder structure. Access to new (and old) data would have to be provided by an information structuring and archiving appliance - and that is where INDICA comes in! 

Some emails were sent to the company, in which was told how to move their data and when the old folder structure would be removed.
Within 3 weeks, more than 50% of the data was moved to the new structure. After those 3 weeks, it became clear that almost 40% of the information was outdated and could be removed to archive. 

All the current data and information has been moved to the new folder structure. Old data has been moved to archiving storage. INDICA is the single point of access they have to all the company information, with connections to the CRM system. Everything they need and that relates to current projects can be found through a simple search. Work that has been done before by people and groups that are no longer with the company can be found in the archives and be used to learn from in new projects.
Where formerly no one knew what other groups and people were working on, now everyone can learn from each other. INDICA creates a way of information and knowledge sharing as well as learning.