Client Situation

H Company, a large multinational organization with headquarters in the Netherlands, is faced with various internal irregularities globally that require investigation. The internal audit department has a responsibility to investigate these cases when irregularities occur.

Most H Company’s investigation cases are relatively small and they struggled to find a high-quality solution which would accelerate their investigation process, easy-to-use for non-tech savvy stakeholders and cost efficient.

How INDICA helped

INDICA has been supporting H Company with our e-discovery platform for internal investigations around the world for over a year, which is proved to be well suited in finding relevant results for smaller investigation cases and to reduce costs. INDICA e-discovery platform also provide H Company with an intuitive and agile approach in managing their own investigations in terms of data upload, access management, case closure and etc.


By using INDICA, the internal audit department in H Company is able to perform their own investigations in a cost-efficient manner without requiring extensive technical training and ad hoc external support. Additionally, INDICA has allowed the client to easily work together with third parties when additional support was needed. For instance, in cases where the Internal Audit team was short staffed or did not speak the language required for the investigation.