INDICA is enthusiastic to announce that René Oldenbeuving (1971) will join the INDICA team as their new CEO and co-investor. He will primarily focus on Company Strategy, Sales & Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

In the past, René has proven to be a skilled entrepreneur and helped several companies surpassing the stage of start up/ scale up into well-established companies. Rene recently helped Motto Communications to a successful exit and in 2013 he led IASO Backup Solutions to a strategic exit. The INDICA team is happy to welcome René to lead the company to the next stage.

"The reason for me to join INDICA is my strong believe that the Data Risk & Control market is just at a very early stage of maturity and INDICA is the right software vendor to address this market." René explains. 

Since its inception in 2014, INDICA has proven to be a reliable and disruptive player in the Data Risk & Control software industry offering a low-entry intelligent Data Search engine for in-company data intelligence & (real-time) compliance.

The participation of Security of Things fund, managed by Value Creation Capital, in 2017, pushed INDICA’s growth already. Today we are looking forward to entering a next stage of further growth & maturity. INDICA believes René is the best person to guide us during this journey.

Also the INDICA founding members - Elmar Pigeaud, Pieter Scherpenhuijsen and Pieter Klinkert - put a great deal of trust in René to help the company develop and grow accordingly.