Web UI module

The INDICA UI module enables users with an easy to use and customisable web interface. The interface displays all the platform functionality in a user friendly and comprehensive manner in order to facilitate the platform adoption among users with a different background and experience.

Screenshot 2019-07-08 at 15.11.24.png

INDICA UI provides users with the following functionalities:

·      Launch queries that can be applied to all different data types that are ingested.

·       Apply a bag of words approach to query data.

·       Read the results out of the queries through one view.

·       Inspect the data that has been presented ‘in depth’, based on queries.

·       Tag query results for future reference.

·       Annotate results for future reference.

·       View results in a graphical format, when it concerns human connections or interactions.

·       View results in timeline formats.

·       Save queries for later usage, preferably to be re-used in other cases as well.

·       Generate prints and/or native exports from query results.

·       View the documents meta data attributes.

·       Evaluate Hashing in order to prove a documents authenticity.

·       Download original documents when the source is connected.