Know your customer & Customer Due Diligence


INDICA provides ultimate control over corporate data. it enables sensitive context recognition & consolidation based on the preferred parameters. THe Platform also provides the ability to use structured data sources for analysis and to organisation of unstructured data. With iNDICA you can simultaneously work with various data types, formats, origin, location from a single window.

By connecting external sources like (sanction) lists, news sources and KYC databases, INDICA can be used to monitor KYC compliance.



search your corporate data landscape from a single window


add external structured datasources (e.g. sanction lists, KYC datAbases, etc.)


Fetch data from social networks, news portals and other important sources


analyse all above as a sinGle data set


use automatically created personal and corporate profiles


Correlation and classification for quick data assessments


consider possible typos and changes in client name or surname and marital status


run forensic investigations when needed 

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