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Beunis & Schouten


 INDICA and Beunis & Schouten – partnership of the technology and expertise.

Using INDICA Platform experts from Beunis & Schouten perform analyses on the total customer data landscape and interpret results in a powerful insight.

Under the name: ‘Notion of Accountability’ Beunis & Schouten are offering the unique program that aims to make the data related risks visible and transparent for an organization and provide the background for a strategic decision making to grow your business while achieving and maintaining the right level of compliance in the organization.

The program consists of 4 steps:

1.     Data discovery using INDICA Platform

2.     Project & Program Management for GDPR (real time PII data monitoring), Data Lifecycle Management and Data retention based on the results provided by INDICA

3.     Interpretation of the insights in order to deliver standardized operation procedures (SOP)

4.     Knowledge of the GDPR and data management experience – State-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence fact-based tooling – a proven methodology based on facts – In one platform

This approach delivers the clear roadmap for the declaration or accountability with minimal disruption in the customers business processes and continuous monitoring.

Learn more about Beunis & Schouten Integrated Solution offering at https://www.beunisschouten.com