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INDICA is a Dutch B2B software company providing AI-based data intelligence solutions to help organizations meeting their data risk & value challenges.


Organizations moving towards a digital strategy encounter a very basic obstacle: Exponentially growing data volumes in legacy systems keeping the hidden intelligence away from leadership DECISIONS. Rising regulatory demands create a clear necessity to address data ownership, cleaning and the rationalisation of processing. But these same topics must be addressed for implementing a digital transformation as well. INDICA invites leaders to work on their data ownership not just for compliance but for strategic business sake.


INDICA Platform combines eDiscovery, Enterprise Search & Data Monitoring in a single solution and enables professionals to address exponential data growth in an environment of rising regulatory demands, high reputation sensitivity and digital transformation. 


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our mission is helping Risk & Knowledge Professionals to overcome data challenges using out-of-the-box solutions requiring minimal entry barriers.

 Our journey just kicks off


2019 INDICA CREATES a growing ecosystem of high profile partners and customers addressing multiple regulatory frameworks using INDICA platform

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2018 At the beginning of the year INDICA launches the GDPR module and enriches its’ functionality over the year.  This results into the combining all INDICA modules in single GRC Discovery platform. 

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2017 INDICA got recognised by Value Creation Capital and received additional funding for future expansion and development.

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2016 INDICA launches the eDiscovery Cloud solution and moves forward to a SaaS model.

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2015 Launch of the eDiscovery solution. INDICA onboarded the first corporate customers.

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2014 INDICA is recognised by KPMG As a PROMISING technology vendor. A technological partnership starts to build up an eDiscovery solution. 

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2014 Elmar Pigeaud & Pieter Scherpenhuijsen developed the unique search algorithm and started INDICA as out-of-the-box Enterprise Search solution vendor.